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As an auto dealership delivering an integrated payment processing solution is just part of the success equation.


Auto Dealership Testimonials


“I was skeptical when Novera presented us with their no obligation comparison of our
current card processing services; not only has their projected savings actually come thru,
but the personal service I receive from our Novera representatives is better than I
expected as well.”

Beverlee Delaney, Rockland Toyota


"I didn't believe it at first, but with Novera's transparent flat fee pricing they were able to
save our dealership a substantial amount of money annually. Now my rates are locked
in and I understand exactly what I'm paying for….."

Marci Goodwin, Jack Sherman Toyota



"Novera showed me how to take what I was paying for credit card acceptance and turn
that service into a powerful marketing tool to help sell more cars. Their gift and loyalty
card program gets my customers coming back to me instead of the aftermarket competition…
it's a win / win and they're helping our association to boot … "

Jeff Haraden, Mohawk Honda


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