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WorldPay Link Gateway


  • Accept All Payment Types - Allow merchants to accept payments how and when they want including online, point of sale (POS), mail order/telephone order (MOTO) and mobile credit card payments.
  • Real-time and Batch - Flexibility to process transactions in real-time or batch processing for efficiency.
  • Stored Profile (Tokenization) - Limit the risk associated with storing sensitive credit card data by using the tokenization and stored profiles.
  • Recurring Billing - A robust yet easy to use recurring billing system that can be configured to suit the needs of businesses for membership dues or subscriptions fees.
  • WebPay - Hosted payment solution that offers complete control over payment processing and customer experience without the costs and burden of security compliance for hosted transactions.
  • Fraud and Risk Management (FRISK) - A customizable fraud and risk management system that maximizes sales and minimizes risk.
  • Instant Accept - payment integration plug-in for QuickBooks® POS to help expand the payment types merchants can accept, process and automatically record them within QuickBooks®.
  • Electronic Check - This Feature Gives merchants flexibility to accept checks through online ACH, check conversion or check 21 and process them using the same gateway process they use for all of other electronic payments.
  • Shopping Carts - Offer the ability to integrate into a vast array of shopping carts including Volusion, X-Xart, and OS Commerce