OnePOS™ Partners with Novera for Easy, Secure, Integrated Credit Card Processing to Worldpay

onePOS LLC offers US customers integrated EMV payment processing through a new integration for Worldpay. The new integration allows onePOS™ resellers and US customers to securely process EMV credit card payments directly through onePOS™. Novera will provide the management of the program for any onePOS™ reseller who would like to take advantage of the integration and earn residuals generated on the merchant account. onePOS™ resellers can have the option of just referring the merchant account and not having to do anything at all in terms of pricing or paperwork or earn the maximum residuals and incentive bonus dollars by sourcing, pricing and writing the merchant account.

OnePOS ™ to Release New Payment Integration for Worldpay

OnePOS™ Program Highlights

80% Revenue Share

No Liability or Risk

.03 Cent IP rate

.01 Cent High Volume SCH B

Dedicated Relationship Team

Web Based Portal

AMEX Opt Blue

Upfront Bonus Program


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